Made to order

I believe everyone should be able to love every piece of clothing that they own! With all garments being made to order it means that any changes in the design i.e length of a dress, change of sleeves can be done so you get exactly what you want and have your garment fit you perfectly! 

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 Made to Measure

Having your clothing fit you perfectly is how fashion should be! Any size, any body type can shop at Daschy; just add your measurements to the custom measurement form when shopping!
I also offer a free alteration service in case you receive your garment and aren't happy with the fit

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 Made to Last

Every piece at Daschy is thoughtfully designed and consciously constructed so that your garments are made to last. With designs that outlive trends and using construction techniques such as french seams and top stitching means your garments will last longer

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Quality over Quantity

Daschy collections have limited quantities to ensure that I provide quality, sustainable garments and also allows for more time, fine care and love to go into every piece. 

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Shop small, Shop sustainable

Daschy's core values are embedded in being ethical, sustainable and transparent. From reducing waste materials during construction, using sustainable fabrics such as deadstock, to packaging all your fabulous orders with eco-friendly and recyclable materials.